An unplanned trip to Bristol

I said to Rhys (my boyfriend) on the Friday evening that I would like to go somewhere tomorrow (Saturday) he, unenthusiastically agreed, but he had agreed!

So I picked Rhys up on Saturday morning and he said I am not going to Worcester, Bridgenorth or Bewdley. Dam, I wanted to go to Worcester and Bridgenorth and Bewdley were my back up’s! You may think I should have just gone anyway, which I was, but whilst I was driving I thought do I really want to put up with a moaning bloke dawdling behind me all day? 

The answer was no, so I diverted, I headed for the M5 motorway and got on, I said right we will drive till we see somewhere that takes our fancy! Rhys appeared to perk up at this (thank god).

You see the thing with me and Rhys is, I love the country and outdoors, Rhys likes cities and indoors. There is only so much I can drag Rhys to outdoorsy places as much as there is only so much city I can take!

We had just passed Gloucester and I said shall we go to Cardiff? When we went to Wales Easter this year I wanted to visit but being Easter Sunday I didn’t think there would be much going on. Then I said or there is Bristol, and Rhys chose Bristol. We have been to Bristol once before, to watch (one of my favourite) bands; Don Broco. So we had a little heads up about what was there so we knew it wouldn’t be a wasted journey!

I decided to park on the park and ride at Portway park, the bus turned up as we got out the car, we both paid the £3 return bus fare into the city centre and off we went. I haven’t been on a bus in years! I have been driving now for 6 years, so at least 6 years. I must say though it was quite pleasant someone else doing the driving leaving me to take in the sights whilst heading into the centre, including the clifton suspension bridge (which we would like to go back to check out).

So whilst in Bristol we headed to get food straight away as we were rather hungry! We opted for a takeaway noodle place as 1. It was cheap and 2. There were huge queues at all the sit down eateries.

We then grabbed a hot drink (caramel latte for Rhys and green tea for me) and decided to explore the city a little and head down to the harbour.

We found some rather quaint, unique alleys, one of which was named Christmas Steps, which on either side are grade 2 listed buildings, there are a selection of shops inside the buildings, one which was a board game cafe, which I think would be a ball to go to with a group of friends.


We walked up and down the harbour, and had a look at the SS Great Britain, we were going to have a look at it but at £14 per person, we decided it would be something to do another day when we have a little more dough.

We didn’t do much more really, just walked around at our own pace. We would love to go back again and possibly stay over as we noticed there was a huge selection of bars and restaurants that would be great to stay out and make an evening of things.

We caught the bus back to the car park and headed home, it was around an hour and half or so to get back, but the time soon went by as we had a sing along to hits from 80s,90s and early 2000’s.


All in all it was good to go somewhere and explore however, next time Rhys is driving, having recently swapped from a diesel car to petrol I certainly noticed the difference in long distance travelling!




  1. Eva
    October 8, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    Bristol is a really nice (and trendy) city but I only went once to meet my sister-in-law’s family years ago, I should explore the city more. Bath is also beautiful- it would be a lovely place for you to visit…if Rhys is willing of course, lol 🙂

  2. Eva
    October 8, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    I meant to add I bet you’re absolutely loving it, being able to do stuff on a Saturday! x

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