Carrot Cake Hi-Fi Light Bar

I must admit I was unaware that there was going to be a new hi-fi bar, which is most unusual as there is usually a good build up before a new hi-fi bar release, or maybe I was completely oblivious to it!

However when I finally heard about the new flavour I was literally like OMG. Carrot Cake, yes! I love carrot cake and to have that as a hi-fi would be great.

I must admit I haven’t been bowled over by hi-fis in recent years, they used to be something I really looked forward to buying every week in group, but with the promise of the new limited edition flavours, I found that each one pretty much tasted the same, and was far too sweet. Like, overly sweet, and not nice sweet, artificial sweet.

I do find it amusing that Slimming World have in a way done a full circle with the hi-fi flavours, back when I joined in 2012 there was choc orange and choc mint, which they then discontinued. They reappeared in hi-fi light form due to popularity!

Anyway I thought I would review the new exciting flavour for you!

So the packaging is in line with the rest of the hi-fi range, clearly you can see what the hi-fi flavour is. The bar it self has a swirl of yogurt on the top and the bottom of the bar is dipped in yogurt too. There is a slight crumble of walnut and carrot on top of the bar too.

My first initial thought when I first bit into the bar was yogurt, then a carrot cake ish flavour, then sweet.

I won’t lie it does have an essence of carrot cake too the bar, however I feel that it is lacking in the spices that go into the making of a carrot cake, such as mixed spice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Instead of a huge amount of sweetness it would be nice to actually have a taste of carrot cake. Like I mentioned there are some chopped walnuts on top but I have to admit I couldn’t taste the nuts because of the overriding sweetness.

I’d love for someone from Slimming World HQ to read this so they could just turn down the sweetness a notch.

Overall though, it definitely is not the worst hi-fi bar Slimming World have produced, and I will probably purchase them again before they run out.

What are you thoughts on the new bar?

Unfortunately the bars are exclusive to Slimming World groups, and if you are unable to make it to a group I have provided some photos for you to examine!

Roll on 2018 for the fruit and nut hi-fi bar!


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  1. October 26, 2017 / 10:59 am

    Haven’t tried it yet, online members can buy hifi from the website.

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