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I was kindly contacted by the team from JORD Watches recently. I have to be honest in saying that I have not previously heard of JORD, maybe being an American company their presence is not as big here over in the UK.

I read the e-mail anyway and thought let’s check this product out, so I did a Google search and clicked the website and was pleasantly surprised. I have never, in my whole 23 years seen watches made from wood! I don’t know if I am a hermit or something but I was fascinated, as I scrolled through the pages all I could think was how beautiful the watches were.

I checked out the JORD Instagram and saw some beautiful photos, and that JORD had a large following, and that actually someone that I follow on Instagram was following JORD (so their name must be making their way over the pond!).

I decided I really liked the brand and would like to work with them. I requested a mens watch as I thought it would make a great gift to give to my boyfriend. With his current job he is half office based and wears shirt and smart trousers and looks very attractive to me (he pulls that look off, even though he doesn’t realise), however Rhys does not own a watch and I thought he can pull off everything else (minus the linen trousers he brought once to go to Mauritius with) and the watch would look pretty neat on him.

The watch is a Conway Walnut & Jet Black, and JORD offer free worldwide delivery. All the watches are hand-crafted.

JORD have given me a competition offer to run for anyone reading all you need to do is click the link and fill in the short form. The competition is to win either $180 or $50 off a watch.


JORD have also given me a discount code that will give you 25% off your purchase!
The code is: spxmas25

Good Luck!


Conway Walnut & Jet Black Men’s watch:


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