A Week on Weight Watchers No Count

Okay so I am now a member or Weight Watchers, its out there!

I have left Slimming World behind, it worked first time round, then I completely lost motivation and passion to follow it.

So, with Weight Watchers there are 2 plans, the more known Smart Points system where everything has a point, whether that’s 0 or 50, you are given an amount of points per day and also weekly points for any extra treats if you need. Then there is the No Count plan where you eat from a list of food and anything not on the list you use points from your weekly point allowance.

I am trying first a week of No Count to ease myself into ‘dieting’ again, and then next week the plan is to follow Smart Points. So I am adding to my blog everyday as a little diary to let you know how I get on!


First thing is first, starting weight and goal weight.

I want to achieve my goal weight by September ready for my graduation.

Start Weight: 12st 0.5lb
Goal Weight: 10st



Breakfast: 2x crumpet, baked beans & 1 Laughing Cow Light(1)
Lunch: 2xweight watchers wrap, lettuce, carrot, onion, 15g light mayo(1) & oxtail cup a soup(2)
Tea: Leek & potato soup, brown rice risotto (1), chicken & peas

Highlights hot choc (2)

Day 1– I am soooo full!
I wasn’t meant to have a 2 course tea, but my sister made soup for her tea and I made risotto for my tea and we decided to half and half cause we both fancied what each other had made!

I also have a baked apple in the oven if I can stomach any more food, if not it will be going on my porridge tomorrow. Yes, you can have baked fruit without pointing it (Yassssss).



Breakfast: Porridge, apple
Lunch: Sandwich buffet (provided at work)
Tea: Slow cooker beef, tin potatoes, vegetables

Day 2- Okay so it’s been a bit of a difficult day.
It was my first day back at work, although it was a teacher training day it was still a loooong day in which I now have a headache from. There was lunch provided at work but it was very disappointing, there was nowhere near enough food for everyone so I ended up with half a wrap, 2 mini samosa, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Not great, so when someone handed Bakewell tarts(9) round I had one without even thinking! (whoops)

Tea was good though, a hearty winter favourite, slow cooker beef which I shoved in the crockpot before I dashed to work (it was a dash, I overslept…..)
I did have a slice of Warburton’s bread (3) with my tea to mop up the gravy, which again was a decision made without even thinking.
I am so used to just eating what I want, mindlessly that I don’t even realise how much I would eat if I didn’t think about it.

BUT, I have logged this all on my Weight Watchers app, so I am being honest! It has certainly taken a lot more points that I would have hoped but that’s what you get for sneaky treats!
On the plus side, I have my lunch all prepared for tomorrow so I know, no sneaky Bakewell tarts will make their way into my hands!



Breakfast: 2x Shredded wheat, banana
Lunch: 2x Weight Watchers wrap, ham, salad, mayo(1), cup a soup(2), melon, plum, grapes
Tea: Chicken, sweet potato wedges, salad, Weight Watchers pitta bread, mayo(1)

Day 3- I’ve had a pretty good day today!
Pretty full at half past 8 when I am writing this. It definitely helps being in routine and being out the house not sitting at home knowing all the food that is available!
I can’t say I have much more to add than that! I have lunch made for tomorrow, a yuk sung salad. The only challenge now is it is Friday tomorrow and I soon have my first weekend of this year to tackle!



Breakfast: Bitesize shredded wheat, grapes
Lunch: Yuk sung salad, apple, banana, popcorn
Tea: Mince beef, mashed potato

Day 4- I had the worst headache today. Well, i’ve had one since Wednesday but I think today was the worst point of it. Breakfast, self explanatory, lunch a salad that I like to call yuk sung salad, as it is all the stuff that goes into yuk sung but shoved into a tupperware box with sliced iceberg lettuce and without the crunchy shreds of prawn cracker. Tea mom did as I wasn’t feeling very well, just mince with veg in gravy with mashed potato.

I really can’t add more to today, I am craving takeaway quite badly though. My boyfriend had dominoes and omg I could devour a cheese and tomato pizza!



Breakfast: 2x brown thins, bacon medallions, egg
Tea: Steak, mixed veg, new potatoes with herb butter(3), garlic bread(4), wine(6), greek yogurt.

Day 5- So i’ve had a day full of writing my assignment, I am ready for bed and I still have my reference list to do HELP! Lol. I had 2 brown thins with bacon and egg for breakfast and they were lovely and very filling! I haven’t had lunch as of yet and it is 16:17 I don’t really fancy anything and it is also that awkward time where it is almost too late to eat lunch as it is soon tea time!

I have also had the thought of doing monthly weigh ins, seen as I am now weighing at home it may be good for me to weigh in once or twice a month rather than the pressure of every week. We’ll see.

Okay tea me and Rhys ended up going to Tesco to get something, we had steak, he had mash I had these herby potatoes which were yum and worth the points, I did however tip my weekly points over by 4 by having garlic bread and a glass of wine!


Breakfast: Multigrain boulders (5), skimmed milk(1)
Lunch: Carrot and butterbean soup, 2x crumpet(7), reduced calorie jam(1)
Tea: Roast Chicken, Potato(2), vegetables, gravy(1)
Snacks: Crisps(3), breadsticks(2)

Day 6- So I have decided that I am having Sunday as my weigh day, I think that will help me keep in control of weekends! So my weekly points have renewed and it is time for me to give tracking points a go!
I have also weighed in and I have lost 3lb since Monday which I am amazed by, I didn’t think no count was really working but it must have been!

So I think I will leave the post at this as I don’t want to get no count and tracking mixed in the same post. No count is something that I will definitely be doing again, but for now lets see how tracking points goes!



  1. Eva
    January 7, 2018 / 5:31 pm

    It sounds like you’re happier following the WW plan, I could see SW was getting you down. Each to their own, we all need to realise what works for us with so many discoveries along the way lol. Must be great not having to ‘point’ baked fruit😀. Thanks for documenting this

  2. January 8, 2018 / 3:25 pm

    As you know I love Weight Watchers. Well done on your loss so far. Ali xx

    • laurarebeccaw
      January 8, 2018 / 8:01 pm

      Thank you Ali xx

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