A Week on Weight Watchers Flex

Me again, ready to see how I get on with WWFlex? Carry on reading..

Okay so Weight Watchers Flex is the main Weight Watchers programme, the one that Weight Watchers is known for. Everything has a point to it whether that is 0 or 13 it has a point to it. Weight Watchers encourages you to eat from the 0 point list, but of course you also have your daily and weekly points for everything else!

I have 23 daily points and 35 weekly points. I started tracking on Sunday which I added in last weeks blog post.

Weight this week: 11st 11.5

Goal Weight: 10st


Breakfast: Brown thin(3), Bacon medallions(1),egg(0)
Lunch: Carrot & butterbean soup(0), apple(0),banana(0),brunch bar(6),fat free greek yogurt(0), honey(1)
Tea: Chicken(0), salad(0), fries(13)

2x Tassimo coffee (4)

Day 2- Okay not a bad day today, what I have noticed with tracking points is you have to be more aware of what you are eating as everything is pointed where as with No Count you just eat off the list! I have found I have managed my points pretty well though, I was a little worried knowing I only have 23.

I ended up going out for tea which is why I have used 13 points on fries! I dipped into my weekly points too as I had a couple of my Tassimo coffee’s but that’s okay I still have like 30 to last until Saturday!

Also if you are wondering why today is day 2, it is because my week renews on a Sunday!


Breakfast: Multigrain boulders(4), skimmed milk(1)
Lunch: Pasta(3), mushroom,onion,garlic,bacon(1),FF greek yogurt, 10g parmesan(1), egg
Tea: Beef masala and rice(7)


Day 3- Okay it has been a fine day today. I loved the cereal that I had for breakfast, it is refreshing to be able to walk down the cereal isle and chose any box I like without the guilt of it not being a certain choice! (if you know what I mean)

I followed a recipe from the WW magazine for tea and it was okay, but I am pretty full from it now. I am getting to grips with the whole tracking and everything having a point to it. I have just taken 5 minutes to plan the next day with a rough idea of points, which I also did yesterday.


Breakfast: Porridge(5), Apple
Lunch:Chocolate(4),Laughing cow light(1),breadsticks(1),carrot soup,banana,apple
Tea: Lentil & bean chilli

Day 4- I actually had a really good day, plenty of points left and a completely point free tea. But guess what. I attacked the Celebrations tin didn’t I. Why oh why do I do it to myself! 


Breakfast: Skimmed milk(1), bitesize shredded wheat(3)
Lunch: 2x hovis soft white bread(5), butter(4)

Day 5- So I had a funny day Thursday I am actually writing this Friday as I had to leave work a couple of hours early as I was really unwell, I came down suddenly with a high temperature, shakes and feeling sick. I honestly don’t know what happened. I feel like I slept it off as I feel back to normal today, I honestly don’t know where it all came from! Therefore that is why my food is a little odd on Thursday!



Breakfast: 2x crumpet, low sugar jam (1)
Lunch: 2x WW wraps, ham, light mayo(1), walkers baked(3), chocolate(4), lettuce, banana
Tea: Homemade chips, Warburtons bread(5), light mayo(1)

Day 6- Okay so I went for a No Count today, which does mess with the results of this week BUT as I was so out of it on Thursday I woke up Friday and it was much easier for me to grab things that are on No Count to shove into my lunch bag and to have for my breakfast.

I also had quite a few of my weekly points left as I have stuck within my daily points during the week when following WWFlex. Granted, I did raid the Celebrations, but I wanted to carry the week on rather than ‘punish’ myself and really restrict the food I ate the rest of the week. I am looking for a positive relationship with food not a negative one!

My tea was very simple, I honestly didn’t fancy much. Actually I fancied Dominoes pizza lol (I blame Rhys he has it every Friday before he goes to band practice!!) so I decided I just fancy chips actually so I had some homemade chips with some bread and light mayo and it was so lovely and simple, I just used my weekly points for the bread and mayo- potatoes are free on No Count!

I know when I step on the scales on Sunday it isn’t gonna be as great as last week, because of my blip this week, but I am so happy with how I have handled it. 2017 was a year full of tomorrows, but tomorrow really never came. 2018 is a year of todays, which is what I have chosen to do, do it today don’t wait until tomorrow!


Breakfast: Multigrain boulders(4), milk(1)
Lunch: Beef Pho(6)
Tea: Chinese takeaway(?)

Day 7- A balanced day I would say. It wasn’t the plan to have takeaway for our tea me and Rhys were planning on cooking an Italian beef stew with parmesan polenta. It was something we had at the Italy pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World. But Rhys was asked by his dad to get him and his brother a Chinese takeaway for their tea and get me something too. I didn’t really eat much of it and we both agreed that we prefer cooking something on a Saturday evening as we aren’t really enjoy takeaways and cooking is cheaper and tastier!

So the result of a week on WWFlex, tracking points daily (with the exception of Friday)?

I lost 1.5lb, which I am very happy with considering my Celebrations incident!
I can’t say if I prefer No count or WWFlex, I think both plans have their advantages depending on the day you are having. I certainly think WWFlex works really well if you are planning on eating out! But I also love the freedom of having wraps and crumpets all in the same day!

Each week I am learning, and I must say I am really enjoying and not feeling restricted in the slightest!


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